Life and the little things

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, time flies by soooo fast. Too fast! It’s not always easy to make some time for ourselves, to regroup, to reflect, but we must.

Today is a me day and I couldn’t be more excited to spend it sitting outside enjoying a treat and reading. Saturdays in your 30s! It was absolutely a perfect day (gotta love the California sunshine) to sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee and breathe. Oh and do a little people watching too (hehe).

I know life is busy, but it’s also full of little pleasures that we need to make time for. It really is about all the little things…like a red velvet cupcake and a cup of coffee.

Happy Saturday! Pic

Can I interest you in a cup of coffee?

One of the many reason I love coffee (reason #1 is, it helps me function Monday through Friday) is that it brings people together. Who has ever turned down grabbing a cup of coffee? Exactly! And in a world where we are always on the go and busier than we’d like to be it is nice to sit down and enjoy a cup of Joe and catch up with a friend or simply enjoy the moment.

On Saturday I was able to spend my afternoon with my older and only sister who only lives about 10 minutes away from me, but that I unfortunately do not see as much as I would like to, but thanks to our love for coffee and coffee shops we jumped at the opportunity to check out the newest Temple Coffee Roasters location in Sacramento, California. Their new location is conveniently located only a few blocks from her place so it was a perfect opportunity to take an afternoon stroll.

We knew we had reached Temple when we spotted a line around the corner, but we didn’t care about the line because we had plenty of topics to cover and were determined to see the penny floor (#pennyflooryourthoughts) and have a cup of coffee. Well, Temple impressed me because the line moved quite fast AND we found a nice spot by the window to sit. For the couple of hours we were there; it was just us, our conversation, and our cups of coffee.

In a fast paced busy world it is often nice to sit down, smell the coffee, and enjoy the scenery. I was happy to do so on Saturday and all thanks to a cup of coffee. image