Last Monday

I recently ┬árealized it was time for me to move on from my current job and seek new challenges and grow both as a professional and as a person. Tomorrow is the first day of my last week and while I am ready to move on I am also thankful for all I have learned in the last two years (why does time go by so fast?!) I don’t know what the future has in store for me, but I am ready for the adventure!




Leonardo Dicaprio

So Leonardo Dicaprio finally won an Oscar! As a meme lover I will miss the ‘Leo doesn’t have an Oscar’ memes,in ┬ábut I’m happy for the guy. On a relateable note, it’s a nice reminder that sometimes it takes more than one try to ‘win’. We’ve all been there, we didn’t get a job or pass a class (damn you sstatistics!), but as long as we don’t give up we’ll eventually have our Leo moment.

Early #mondaymotivation because early bird gets the worm. Have a great week world!