Life and the little things

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, time flies by soooo fast. Too fast! It’s not always easy to make some time for ourselves, to regroup, to reflect, but we must.

Today is a me day and I couldn’t be more excited to spend it sitting outside enjoying a treat and reading. Saturdays in your 30s! It was absolutely a perfect day (gotta love the California sunshine) to sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee and breathe. Oh and do a little people watching too (hehe).

I know life is busy, but it’s also full of little pleasures that we need to make time for. It really is about all the little things…like a red velvet cupcake and a cup of coffee.

Happy Saturday! Pic

Adulting and its MILLION decisions

I wish I were exaggerating, but adulting is literally a daily dose of decision making. No one ever tells you this stuff!

I had a lovely lunch with a friend today and we both couldn’t agree more that we are constantly having to make decisions! Grad school or no grad school? Where should we move to? Which health plan is the best? A drinking game should be created where we take a drink every time we have to make a decision. Ha! Can you imagine?

So with all this decision making, I love not having to think about what to wear. I am a proud black on black wearer. It’s easy, it matches, I look pretty good. Black on black making adulting just a bit easier one black outfit at a time!

Wedding Shoes 101

Yes, they are beautiful.
Yes, they photograph beautifully.
Yes, they hurt soooo much.
Yes, I’d probably do it again.
In a nutshell, I probably shouldn’t have worn my wedding shoes, but they were just so beautiful that couldn’t not wear them. The last time I wore white shoes I wore ruffle socks with them, but this time white shoes with just the right amount of bling felt so right. By the end of the mass I was almost in tears from how painful my shoes were, but I would probably do it again.
If you’re getting married soon and your shoes look painful, they probably will be painful as heck so plan accordingly. I changed into a different pair after the ceremony and again a few hours later (into flip flops).  Here’s an iPhone photo of my wedding shoes that now are sitting pretty in a box and my feet want nothing to do with them.
These shoes are ready to walk down the aisle! #esthelasecasa 💍

Last Monday

I recently  realized it was time for me to move on from my current job and seek new challenges and grow both as a professional and as a person. Tomorrow is the first day of my last week and while I am ready to move on I am also thankful for all I have learned in the last two years (why does time go by so fast?!) I don’t know what the future has in store for me, but I am ready for the adventure!




Leonardo Dicaprio

So Leonardo Dicaprio finally won an Oscar! As a meme lover I will miss the ‘Leo doesn’t have an Oscar’ memes,in  but I’m happy for the guy. On a relateable note, it’s a nice reminder that sometimes it takes more than one try to ‘win’. We’ve all been there, we didn’t get a job or pass a class (damn you sstatistics!), but as long as we don’t give up we’ll eventually have our Leo moment.

Early #mondaymotivation because early bird gets the worm. Have a great week world!